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About Us


Hello & thank you for visiting Stroll On! What started out as a little side hustle has turned into so much more over the last 2 years and I am betting you are wondering how a mum from the corporate finance world ended up the proud owner of a Stroller and Baby Goods business?!  Before I get ahead of myself  - I am Aimee, a proud mum of 3 gorgeous littles and a Cairns local, born and raised!


Person - About Us

My Babies & I

Forced into pram shopping online after finding that my choices were limited to bargain variety stores in Cairns, I learnt the hard way of the pitfalls of online pram shopping.  This lead me to take the bull by the horns and set up my own business.  Hoping that by sharing my experiences of online pram shopping with other Cairns mums, you too can avoid some of the same mistakes I made (ahh yeah, they were expensive mistakes)! Ironically, I have ended up with an online component to my store too. Hopefully my friendly customer service and above and beyond attitude have you feeling confident in your purchase!  


The last thing you want after dropping a small fortune on your impending little treasure is to find:


  • The pram won't fit in your car
  • It feels like pushing a washing trolly 
  • You need an engineering degree to fold up
  • It feels like a big ol' chunk of plastic


Oh and not to mention, if you find yourself in a bind with a warranty issue you are up for a $100 or more to freight back to the supplier, or better yet - the online store you purchased from has closed down (yep, that happened to me)!


At Stroll on I have thoughtfully curated a range of strollers and baby goods that are both functional and effective. Focusing on brands that support sustainability, eco friendly textiles and innovative designs, my goal is to make your purchase with Stroll On a wonderful experience - something I wished I had. 


I believe in every product on offer at Stroll On and know each one inside out.  From our Pop Ya Tot beautiful, soft, organic swaddles to our Bumbleride adventure strollers.  I have put meticulous care and thought into each brand Stroll On represents. 


Stroll On boasts Cairns largest range of strollers, from Travel Strollers to Full Size and Twin Prams.  I have a few hot tips of what to look for to ensure your wheels see you through to those toddler years and beyond! Recommendations are wonderful, but please don't go with what your bestie picked - everyone's needs are different and there may just be a better option to suit your lifestyle and budget.


Being a local means that you have a point of contact should you run into any issues or have any operational questions regarding your product.   I am here to help you - this is one of the most exciting times in your life and I want you to experience that feeling that when shopping at Stroll On.


At Stroll On the environment in which we live and the one we chose to leave behind for our Children and future generations is important to us.  Stroll On carries a selection of products in our lineup that are Organic, Sustainable and/or Eco Friendly.  I believe this path to leaving a better planet for our children is not a choice but rather the right thing to do.


New brands are continually being added to our lineup as we grow and I would love to hear if you have something specific you are looking for.


We encourage you to book a time to visit, I look forward to supporting you on your perfect pram journey and providing you with the highest quality baby gifts and necessities.


Aimee x