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Purchase a baby rocker in Australia that fits with your home decor. Our unobtrusive eco-friendly products are well-designed, long-lasting, and beautiful. We offer free shipping for most orders of $50 and above.


The Benefits of a Baby Rocker and Bouncer

Some baby rockers are also bouncers or swings. Do you want a sleeper that will rock your little one to dreamland or would you prefer something that also incorporates bouncing and swinging entertainment value to keep Baby occupied?

  • Your baby may be perfectly happy to fall asleep in a rocker while you are free to do what you must close by, rather than rocking the tot in your arms while walking up and down.
  • An ergonomically designed rocker soothes. It provides the same sensation and comfort level that your little one experienced before birth, where the sense of rhythm originated.
  • Swaying develops the vestibular system that contributes to spatial orientation and coordinates movement with balance once baby starts sitting and walking. Your newborn should be perfectly safe in a bouncer with safety belts – under adult supervision and for a short period.
  • Our classy Belgium designed Quax Rocking Baby Bouncer matches our rocking chair and footstool. It has solid birch runners, and the comfortable, lightly textured, washable polyester cushion covers are available in saffron and sand grey. The frame consists of polyurethane ep-oxidized metal.

We only supply products we have used ourselves and trust. We love the products we sell. Inspect our rockers and bouncers , consider the different options, and determine what you require.


Products Related to the Valco Baby Rocker

The Valco suits newborns and babies up to 12 kilograms. It can be modified to rock or be stationary, has a reclining seat, lightweight aluminium frame, is compact, and folds up for easy storage. It has an interactive, removable toy bar and detachable hood.

  • Our ergonomically designed Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker supports healthy growth. It follows body movements to rock softly and naturally. This wooden baby rocker is available in Beech or Walnut from sustainably managed forests and features a gorgeous, machine washable, 100 percent cotton cushion range.
  • You do not want the bouncer to tip over once the tot weighs approximately 9 kilograms and starts to sit up, wrestle, or roll around. Check the weight limit recommendations.
  • View our endearing yet sturdy Nattou Rocker. It boasts a broad base and low point of gravity, cushioned headrest, and a supportive seat. Tots should use it once they can sit up. It has a safety belt and will suit little ones between approximately ten and 36 months.

We put conscientious thought into each brand and luxury baby rocker we sell, hoping that it will make your life less complicated. 


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We carefully select our baby goods - they must be top-quality, functional, and durable – and source eco-friendly textiles, materials, and production methods that will not compromise our children’s future. Contact us to buy now and pay later.