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Equip Your Little One with the Right Accessories from Tried and Trusted Baby Shops in Cairns

As a parent, you deserve all the trusted baby essentials that will make your parenting day just a little easier. Stroll On is one of the most holistic baby shops in Cairns that offers a wide variety of high quality products for parents and their little loves.


When Buying Clothes from Cairns Baby Shops, Consider This

With so many options when it comes to baby clothes available today, new parents can easily become overwhelmed. To enhance your shopping experience and chose pieces that your little one comfortable and safe, we’ve have highlighted our - often overlooked - top three considerations when choosing your little one’s closet.

  • When having a new baby, your first reaction may be to dress them up in trendy outfits to complement their cuteness. However, often these outfits come at a price other than money - discomfort. Such sensitive skin requires non- irritating fabric, preferably without tags, to maximise comfort. Materials such as bamboo and cotton are ideal as they are gentle on little one’s skin and kind to the environment. The correct size is also essential for comfort. Refer to our handy sizing guide for each item to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Safety is vital but often overshadowed by the garment’s charm. Adornments such as buttons and flowers can cause choking hazards for babies who tend to put everything into their mouths. When shopping at your favourite baby shop around Cairns, style and functionality is an important feature to consider. As newborns sleep for most of the day, choosing bodysuits and rompers ensures they are comfortable, as well as easy to zip on and off when required.
  • When choosing baby clothes, consider the time of year and climate. Season-appropriate clothing ensures a longer lifespan, as your child will get to wear this item before next season. However, babies grow fast, and buying ahead may save money, but don’t compromise on the quality for the price.


What You Can Expect from Our Baby Shop in Cairns Regarding Strollers

Choosing the most suitable stroller for your family's lifestyle makes a huge difference to your family. Each type of stroller providing its own set of benefits.

  • So you have twins or a toddler who’s not ready to give up their seat, our Valco Baby Trend Duo enables you to manage both children from one stroller. With ample storage space, extra large expanding canopy and individual reclining seats that are suitable from birth, this double stroller is ideal for multiples.
  • Lightweight strollers such as our Cybex Mios are ideal for parent’s on-the-go, as it provides easy handling and set-up. Designed with portability in mind, this convenient stroller weighs under nine kilograms and folds into a compact bundle to store in the most compact spaces.
  • Bigger, full-sized strollers such as our Cybex Gazelle S Pram boasts a full range of features, including shopping baskets and ergonomic comfort that supports over 20 seat configurations. This pram will last your child years and offers extreme durability and ruggedness with the ability to adapt to your growing families needs.


Why Trust Stroll On Regarding Baby Shops in Cairns

We have personally tried and tested each item from our store, so you can rest assured you’ll be choosing from products that we believe in. Sourcing ethical & sustainable products that are kind to your child and our environment is a big deal to us. At Stroll On we offer free shipping over $150. For more information, contact us.


    About Stroll On Cairns

    Our carefully curated range of products have been explicitly chosen by experienced parents for parents. We understand the struggles that many new parents face finding products that are trustworthy and meet the everyday necessities for their children.

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