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Welcoming a bundle of joy into the world sure is the most amazing thing you will ever do!  Taking care of a tiny little human is whole other ball game and can be daunting. With so many products required to prepare for your little loves arrival it can be very overwhelming. One of the most important items you will be needing is an Infant Car Capsule or Convertible Car Seat. It’s an essential to safely transport your precious cargo, especially when you travel from the hospital to your home for the very first time. It’s advisable to strap your little one into a highly rated car seat to keep them safe during their first of many journeys in the car. Stroll On is an online store with a physical retail presence in Cairns that stocks a wide range of strollers, car seats, and baby necessities. Even though we’re based in Cairns, we accept orders from around the country and offer FREE Shipping on orders over $150.00


Benefits of a Cybex Car Seat in Australia

The Cybex Cloud Q car seat is rated the safest Infant Capsule in Australia achieving a 5 Star CREP Safety Rating offering ultimate safety both inside and outside the car. This car capsule is the safest on the market in the zero to 12-month category & it’s easy to see why the various features make this car seat the ultimate choice for a newborn.

  • Possibly the best feature of the Cybex Cloud Q is the ability to recline the backrest. When you’re outside the car, you can change the position to horizontal, which adds sufficient legroom, and the child can lie flat in an ergonomically correct position. You don’t have to take your little one out of the seat as you can change the angle with one hand while the handle remains in the carrying position for effortless mobility. As a result, the car seat turns into a mobile cot for the first few months of a child’s life.
  • For years, engineers have been working on ways to assist the transportation process of premature and tiny babies. Being as little as they are, it can be risky placing them in a carrier that’s too large. Because their neck muscles and reflexes are in the development phase, their heads can tip forward while sleeping, causing breathing issues. However, by adding a removable seat insert, it adjusts the carrier's size to allow for safe transportation. Removing the insert creates more space when the child is older.
  • The Cybex car seat has an 11-position height-adjustable headrest to change the angle of the child. Additionally, you will find the XXL fold-away sun canopy, which fulfils the Australian UPF50+ sun protection standard to protect the baby’s skin.

What You Should Know About the Infasecure Car Seat 

Since we are a one-stop-shop for all things relating to your baby, you will find several options for specific items. Furthermore, we’re incredibly particular about the quality of the products in our store. As a result, whichever brand you acquire, you can rest assured that it is a high-quality car seat. We stock both the Infasecure Premium and Go ranges and provide more details of the Attain Premium for zero to four-year-old option.

  • The Attain car seat is the slimmest child restraint that combines the best features from the Premium range. You can use the extended rearward facing feature for a 30-month-old while using it as a forward-facing seat can accommodate a large four-year-old. With a width of approximately 420 millimetres, it’s the ideal car seat for smaller vehicles or when space is at a premium.
  • Infasecure has touted this car seat as the most comfortable restraint they’ve ever produced due to their new Active Bamboo This bamboo charcoal fabric offers an unprecedented level of padding that performs optimally with gently woven yarn. The material prevents moisture absorption while providing a soft, smooth cushioning for your baby to travel in comfort.
  • On the safety front, you can expect the Attain to have Air Cocoon Technology™, which is a feature that reduces crash energy to the infant's head five times lower than the recommendation of the 2013 Australian Standard. Additionally, Secure-Air works in conjunction with A.C.T to provide a third layer of protection for your child’s head.

There is a lifetime warranty on the shell of this model, together with a 12-month warranty on the cover.


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