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What to Look for in a Luxury Baby Pram and Why You Need One

A luxury baby pram isn’t an unnecessary extravagance – it’s a downright necessity for parents and carers. A high-quality baby stroller can make every day a little easier – something that matters a lot when you’re a busy parent. You can find your Bumbleride pram or another high-end stroller at Stroll On.


The Importance of Choosing a High-End Baby Stroller

Raising a child is expensive, and there are many ways that you can cut corners to save a few dollars here and there. However, there are a few places where you shouldn’t cut corners at all and picking out a high-end stroller is definitely one of them. Here are several reasons that quality matters so much when it comes to your baby’s pram.

  • A quality stroller lasts longer. Baby furniture and equipment is one of those areas where the adage, “you get what you pay for” is incredibly true. A good stroller will last much longer than a cheap, flimsy one. Even if you only have one child, you’ll still need a stroller for years. If you’re planning more than one child, then you’ll want a high-quality stroller that you can pass down instead of having to buy a second one.
  • Better functionality. In general, higher-end strollers will have more of the “nice to have” features that make using your stroller so much fun. Perks such as air-filled wheels, adjustable handles, ample storage, and more can all make a stroller easier and more convenient to use from day to day.
  • Motivation to get your exercise. You’ll be much more likely to head out for your daily walk or jog if you have a stroller that’s easy to use and that your baby is comfortable in. Especially if you are a jogger or runner, you’ll want a high-quality product such as the Bumbleride Speed in Australia that can keep up with you and your little one no matter how fast you go.
  • Better resale value. When you do get to the point where your child no longer needs a stroller, you may find yourself discarding a ragged, barely-functioning stroller to the nearest dump – or, instead, you could be reselling a high-quality product and making some of your money back. A quality stroller in good condition may bring as much as half of what you paid (or more) back to you, and that’s after years of using the stroller yourself.


Benefits of the Bumbleride Indie Stroller

The Bumbleride Indie is an all-terrain luxury baby stroller and the only one you’ll need from birth through toddlerhood. Here are some of the features you’ll love.

  • Air-filled tires. The Bumbleride Indie’s air-filled tires provide a smooth ride no matter where you go. The all-wheel suspension further helps keep your baby comfortable as you travel. These features also make this stroller suitable for jogging.
  • Whether you’re strolling down city streets, soaking up the sun on the beach, or adventuring off-road, this pram can keep up. Many strollers are only suitable for hard surfaces, but this one gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want.
  • Room to grow. There’s no need to upgrade your stroller when your baby grows into a toddler. The Bumbleride India allows plenty of space for your baby to grow and move, and it will continue to be your go-to stroller for your child’s first several years. The seat reclines for use with infants, and there’s a convenient cup holder right inside for a bottle or sippy cup.
  • Large storage basket. One of the most convenient things about this stroller is the large storage basket, roomy enough to tote anything you need, from a diaper bag to your groceries. Load up your beach day supplies, your water and snacks for a hike, or anything else you need for a day out with your little one.
  • Adjustable handle. The Bumbleride Indie features an adjustable handle that you can set to the perfect height for any person who’s doing the pushing. If you and your partner vary widely in height, it’s no problem – this handle easily accommodates you both.


Benefits of the Bumbleride Speed

The Bumbleride Speed stroller Boasts all the perks of the Indie plus a little more. Whether you’re walking, jogging, or running, the Bumbleride Speed can keep up. Take it for a jog on the beach or a walk through your neighbourhood streets – it’s equally at home doing either. Here are some of the unique features you’ll enjoy with this pram.

  • Three modes of transport. This quality baby stroller is equipped with three modes of transport: walk, jog, and run. That means that no matter what your ideal speed is, the Bumbleride Speed is right there with you. If you’re looking for the perfect jogging stroller to help you stay in shape while entertaining your baby, this is it.
  • A smooth ride. Even if you’re running, your child will enjoy a smooth, pleasant ride thanks to the air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension. You won’t have to worry about jostling your baby about too much, even if you prefer to run on grass, sand, or another surface.
  • Plenty of optional accessories. Choose the accessories that suit your needs, such as car seat adapters, bassinets, non-PVC rain covers, snack packs, travel bags, organic cotton seat liners, reversible seat liners, and much more.

Both the Bumbleride Speed and the Bumbleride Indie boast quick, easy folding for convenient storing and soft, durable fabrics made with recycled PET to keep hundreds of thousands of water bottles out of landfills.


Tips Regarding Choosing a High-Quality Baby Stroller

Deciding on a stroller is one of the toughest choices to make when you have a baby simply because there are so many options. Here are a few factors to consider, helping you narrow it down to the ideal one for you.

  • Your lifestyle. If you live in the city and will be using your stroller frequently (or all day, every day). Then you may have different needs than a suburban parent whose stroller is there mainly for occasional walks around the neighbourhood or grocery store. If you’re a runner, you’ll need certain features so that your baby can accompany you as you work out.
  • The size of your family. If you have only one child and aren’t planning more, a single stroller is all you need. On the other hand, if you think you might have a second child within two or three years, you may want to consider a double stroller (or one that converts from single to double). Many parents end up regretting shelling out for that single stroller, only to discover that they’re expecting again two years later.
  • Types of strollers. There are many different types of strollers, so you should do your research and find what you think will work best for you. An all-purpose stroller may work just fine for everyday outings, while a jogging stroller is essential if you love to run outdoors. You can also choose a travel system with a car seat attachment or even a super lightweight stroller if you travel frequently and need a stroller that will travel with you easily.


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