EMBE 2 Way Swaddle

$35.00 $49.95

Why We Love this:

EMBE 2 Way Swaddle is the 1st Ever PATENTED Legs-In & Legs-out Swaddle. Designed for varying sleep temperatures. At embé®, we re passionate about bringing baby products to our beloved community that are as beautiful and versatile as they are safe. Our No-Rise design helps eliminate the issue with swaddles rising up and covering baby's nose or face, so you can have peace of mind. Our true One-Size fit (0-4 mo, 6-14 lbs) not only meets the demands of your growing baby, but also eliminates the cost of buying multiple sizes. We only use the softest and highest quality fabrics, which you'll be able to tell by the first touch. So, we invite you to stay and learn more about our amazing products. Get more safe and restful sleep for your baby today with Embé®. 

Pouch style for cooler nights.

Wrap style to hold arms down and away from face to reduce startling themselves.

Legs out style for warmer climates and warmers days or nights.

Prevents overheating



65cm length

(0-4 mo, 6-14 lbs)