Marley Mouse Series - Marley Saves The Cake!

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Marley’s Inspiration - From the Author Kat Caravella

As a mother of three, I am always looking at ways to guide my children on the path to being good people. My children have always gravitated towards books in the way they learn about life and it inspired me to create a hero that lives in all of us: one that doesn’t have superhuman strength or is magical or has qualities we as mere humans will simply never have. Marley is the unsuspecting hero that loves the family he lives with from afar; the hero that “Saves the Day” in every story using his wit and ability to think outside the box. Above all else, Marley’s intentions are pure. He Saves the Day all while living in secret - which is a great and very important lesson in itself, one that you don’t need praise to do a good deed.

Through The Incredible Tales of Marley Mouse I hope to create a new kind of SuperHero - our very own SuperMouse that is the hero we all aspire to be as people. The hero that may one day need our bravery to make someone else’s day that bit better.


It’s Tom Barney’s birthday and Rufus the naughty family dog has been sniffing around the glorious cake Mrs Barney took hours baking and decorating. It’s up to Marley to Save The Day, but how will the little mouse stop the Rufus in his tracks?