Quincy - Amazon Blu Reversible Infant Suit

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Why We Love This:

  • Reversible
  • Extra length to last the distance
  • UPF 50+ tested and tagged by ARPANSA
  • 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex – Luxury and quality fabric
  • Long sleeves for days spent in the harsh Summer sun
  • Extra stitching for durability and great for active kids
  • Removable labels no rubbing or irritability
  • Designed in Australia


This all-in-one rashsuit is reversible. The fit is firm and extra length in the body for increase wear (we know how fast they grow)

Side 1 – AMAZON This print is both a little Boho as well as tropical, the cream and vintage Toucans give this piece a sense of nostalgia whilst the black sleeve also makes it modern. Also sold separately is a matching set of our popular ‘no fuss’ boardies.

Side 2 – BLU. Named after the endangered Spinx ‘Blue’ Macaw, this jungle print with powder blue sleeves is bold and fun.